Friday, May 13, 2022

Spanish Steps - ¿por qué?

After my semi-quiet time today, I walked up to the Spanish Steps to check them out. Because they are a sight that is on many people's list to see. But why? With everything else Rome has to offer, this is a staircase with a church on top. That being said, I still took a bunch of pictures and walked up all 135 steps and went into the church because I'm stubborn goal oriented like that. It was a nice view from the top and I saw parrots that reminded me of the ones in San Francisco.

Speaking of Spanish, while I would rate myself as okay understanding and speaking it, apparently it is my default foreign language and I have said gracias several times even though I know grazie is the word I'm looking for. There are tons of Spanish tourists in Rome right now and it's impressive to hear the people working in tourist spots flow seamlessly from Italian to Spanish to English. #goals

After visiting the steps, I walked back towards my neighborhood and ended up getting talked into eating at a restaurant when I was just looking at the menu. It was on a main drag so part of me fears I ended up at Rome's version of Fisherman's Grotto #9 but I did get to eat outside and try spaghetti carbonara. It was good and the waiter was funny. He told several of the tables Italy is famous for four things: good food, good wine, beautiful weather and beautiful men. Of course he said the last thing while pointing at himself.

I rounded the evening off with gelato. Did I have gelato twice in one day? Yes. But I also walked 18,489 steps, which as far as I'm concerned means I could have had it three times.

Decide for yourself

I was compelled to go to the top

Inside the church

Wild parrots of the Spanish Steps

Spaghetti alla carboara

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