Monday, August 18, 2008

Monkey Man Needs Your Vote!

Hi All,

The Mazingira Monkey Project has made it to the finals of an online film competition and I'd appreciate your vote! I want to make sure you keep your skills up in preparation for November.

In order to vote for the movie (and watch it again if you'd like) you'll need to register with Film Click. Once you're registered, you can vote for the Monkey Man every day from now until August 26th! Go ahead, vote more than once... you don't always get that opportunity. Plus you'll be supporting my filmmaking efforts and getting further recognition for the monkey man - I can sense you sleeping better at night already.

And while you're in a voting mood - here's another person who needs your help: Roz Savage. A friend of a friend, she's rowing across the Pacific Ocean - by herself - to raise awareness of environmental issues! She's been rowing for the last 84 days and should be in Hawaii in the next month.

You can support her by visiting the Members Project, an initiative by American Express that let's members vote for groups making a positive impact in the world. Winners will split a pot of 2.5 million dollars but votes need to be cast by tomorrow to cut the field down to the top 25! You don't have to have an American Express card, they'll let you register as a guest. Roz could use your vote now!

Thanks for taking the time to vote for the Monkey Man and Roz. In October, I'll tell you about a BBC sponsored competition the flip flop lady is in so you can vote for her too!