Monday, July 4, 2011

The Beat Goes On

Less "drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain" and more spending all my free time making movies.

This is now old news (because I still don't update this blog as often as I say I will) but the silent 3D short that I produced last year, The Magic Man, screened at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival! A bunch of Scary Cows went down for that film and others that were made as part of this group. Sadly, I was not one of them because I hear a good time was had by all.

Currently, I'm co-producing a film that was originally a sketch put on by a local group. It's called Ketheron's Bucket Mending & Hymen Emporium. Yep. You read it right. I've been working with the cast and am now looking for extras to film the next two Fridays. Hard to convince people to take a workday off (for the M-F among us) but it will be a fun time on set.

We're filming at the Long Branch Saloon & Farm in Half Moon Bay. It's a full-on street right out of the old west and it's going to look amazing! The trick is getting the cast and extras in
wardrobe appropriate for the setting. But I leave that to other people and I take care of things like returning dresses we don't want to theaters not that close to my house.

And the Bushman film. I've got to get my act together to enter that in other film festivals. Like Santa Barbara, for example. Why? Because I would love an excuse to visit Santa Barbara!

So, my movie beat goes on. My segway tour beat goes on. My Big City Improv beat goes on.