Monday, February 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions. What?

I know, you're supposed to think about things like this in the beginning of January, not the beginning of March but hey, I was busy.

Since I have updated my LinkedIn profile and thought about doing my taxes - which to me is very close - I only have three for 2011.

1. Clean out and de-clutter my house.

I'm trying to put a positive spin on only being employed part-time. Sure, I don't earn enough money to cover my expenses but it leaves me plenty of time to dig through my garage and look for random things to sell!

2. Make a movie.

Now that we've got some cash from winning awards at the Scary Cow film festival earlier this month the next movie can be more involved. Or at least when we buy the crew In-n-Out burgers for lunch we can offer to get them a shake as well.

3. Take a trip out of the country.

Yes, this will be the most difficult to accomplish what with the part-time job and the time spent cleaning and movie making. But that's what resolutions are about right? Striving to do something that is going to be a stretch to actually accomplish.

I don't know where I'm going in this big/small world, nor do I know what to make a movie about but it gives me something to think about while sorting through cassette tapes, old photos and papers that seemed important enough to put in a box.

And no, this picture doesn't have anything to do with anything here but someone sent it
to me and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


We won, we won!!!

"Behind the Bush" screened with other Scary Cow films last Sunday and I'm happy to report the movie was well received, with people laughing in all the right places, AND we won multiple awards!

We were 2 of 6 movies in the first round (films that had no Scary Cow budget) that were selected by other Scary Cow members to win funding for a future movie. We also won the general audience award for our round - that's the overall popularity contest - and got an award from one of the judges!

What does this mean to you and me? Now I've got some money to use for a future film. Start sending your ideas in now!

(In other news... I'm having some issues migrating my domain name to a new server or some such thing I don't understand so I may be out of touch for a moment but fear not, I'm working on it.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Back!

Yes, that's welcome back from me to me AND welcome back from me to you. I can't (and can) believe it's been almost a year since I've posted anything here. But hey, I'm back with a vow to post at least once a week to get back into the groove.

What's been going on all year? Well a lot of my time was spent working on a documentary film with people from Scary Cow about the men at Fisherman's Wharf who earn their living hiding behind bushes and scaring tourists for money. There are three of them, two who both claim the title of the Original Bushman. [right: connecting a microphone is a good reason to get your hand down a Bushman's shirt]

Our film takes a look at all three and then focuses in on the man we feel (as does the crew at Hooters) is the "real" Bushman. The film, "Behind the Bush" is 10 minutes long and will be having it's world premier at the Castro Theater this Sunday at 3pm!

Tickets are available online or you can roll up to the box office as your mood suits you. The Bushman claims he will be there - we bought him a ticket and everything - but over the course of making this movie, we learned he's not the best at keeping date. So, be optimistic, but cautiously optimistic.

More on more in the upcoming weeks. I don't want to overdo this first post and then scare myself away for another 10 months.

[left: me, Bushman and my co-director Alison Hawkes basking in the leafy glow]