Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is.

I missed the opportunity in early January to wish you a happy new year but that seems to be how it's going for me so far in 2009.  A bit behind on everything I'm trying to get done.

I'm still leading Segway tours and working an assortment of part-time jobs, doing what I can to fuel the underground economy.  On a random assortment of Friday and Saturday nights you can find me performing with two improv groups, Big City Improv and Secret Improv Society

On a recent Tuesday when I conveniently had no work, I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama at City Hall with my friend Danny and a crowd of locals who also thought it would be fun to make this a group experience. Thank goodness I've seen the Obamas on tv before because, as big as the screen was, it's not so easy to see when you are at the back of the crowd and short.

As for my own dream, well... before I can take very many steps forward, I need to reconnect with what it is I'm trying to do so I can be more focused in my efforts. In the meantime, I've started editing some footage of a Habitat team I met in Malawi and thinking about creating a 2 minute promo video that includes snippets from many of the different people I met in Africa.

The documentary film that I'm in is scheduled to be finished in the beginning of April.  Whether or not it is, that's become my default deadline to make some progress with the videos and revamp this site.  Stay tuned for updates - which once again I swear will be more frequent.

 It's a new year, a new administration and a new vibe.  Time to get  crackin'.

 Crack on.