Friday, September 12, 2008

Mazingira Monkey Film Wins!

For those of you who don't already know... I'm happy to report that my documentary film The Mazingira Monkey Project won the online film festival sponsored by FilmClick!

Thanks to everyone who watched the film, voted for the film, bought a monkey or otherwise supported me and the monkey man.  We bask in the glory of first place.

Later we will toil in the field of editing the rest of the stories I captured that fabulous summer of 2007.  For now, I'm all about the basking.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Recap

Last week I went back to my former employer for a visit and a lunchtime video show.  It was great to see people again and wonderful to be able to share my adventures them.  Many people wanted to know where to learn more about the people we saw and where to see the movies again.

As promised... below is a recap of the movies we saw and links to the corresponding websites. The easiest way to find the movies themselves (and save me hours of uploading time) is by going to the Hey Miss K Channel on YouTube.  You can also become a subscriber so that you'll be notified any time I post something new and exciting!

The only video you won't find is the Habitat Madagascar video... right now that one is 19 minutes and too long to put on YouTube unless I cut it in two - which I have yet to do.

A group in Uganda that promotes community tourism (stay with locals, tour the neighborhood, learn how to cook local food) as a way to raise money for projects that benefit the entire community. 

A business in Kenya focused on turning flip flops into art, it's a win-win-win.  Local people earn a sustainable income working here, used flip flops are taken off the beaches and helping clean up the environment, you and I can buy all sorts of groovy items in the name of making the world a better place.

A man in Tanzania who works with his wife to clean up their town.  He collects plastic bags from the streets and (after washing and disinfecting them) then uses them to stuff toy animals he and his wife sew at home.  Although he sometimes doesn't sell enough animals to support his family, he still buys food and clothes for homeless children who he asks to help him collect the bags.

If you're interested in ordering toys from him... your best bet (for those of you who work together) is to coordinate one big order, collect the cash and send it to him via Western Union. You can make your arrangements by emailing him and you can feel free to copy me on that email to help smooth it all out.

Global Village is a 2 week volunteer program that brings people from around the world together to build houses with those in need.  The GV team (that's you) works with local people to build the house(s) and has the pleasure of experiencing a country and a culture in a much different way than passing through as a tourist.

Una and I lead trips every two years or so, and while there's nothing planned right now - I would encourage you to go to Habitat's site to see what current trips are available and/or let me know you want to be on our early bird notification list so you'll know when we'll be leading another trip.

Thanks for your interest in these projects and these people.  They rock and so do you.