Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Improv Saturday, Segways Now

Hey All,

I'm happy to report, I'm the guest performer this Saturday with Secret Improv Society!  The show is at 10pm and should be a lot of fun, so if you're in the Bay Area I encourage you to swing into San Francisco and check us out!

I'm also happy to report that the Segway tours have started!  My first group was from Hershey, PA.  When I talked about Ghirardelli and handed out some chocolate, they reached into their pockets to give me some Hershey's chocolate.  At the end of the tour, the adult gave me a tip and the teenager (who learned this was the inaugural tour of our company) gave me a dollar suitable for framing.  Aw.

How do you experience the joys of riding around San Francisco on a Segway (and some Ghirardelli chocolate to boot)?  Contact Pam at the City Segway Tours office (415-409-0672) and tell her you're a friend of mine and want to book a tour with me! 

Tours  are 3 glorious hours and friends of Kristian receive a 10% discount on the tour price (making it $63 rather than $70).  I normally work during the week (10:00am and 2:00pm) but will give tours on weekend days upon request.  If you get a group between 5-7 people, we can book it as a private tour and go at whatever time suits your group.

So bring yourselves, bring your friends, or just send your out-of-town guests to get them out of your hair for an afternoon.  You'll be happy you did.

Monday, July 21, 2008

48 Hour Film Screening - The Transfer

Hey All,

Team Lordy Lordy participated in the 48 Hour Film Project this weekend and I'm happy to report, we turned in our movie with a
few minutes to spare!  

On Friday night at 7pm, the team gathered at Danny's house and waited for the call from Jarie with the information we'd need to get started.  All the movies shot in SF as part of the project this year will have to include the following elements:

Character: Gus or Gloria Lorenz, Trade Expert
Prop: bus, plane or train ticket
Line of Dialogue: "Forget it.  I already have."

Each team then draws a genre from a hat.  We ended up with "comedy"!  It's a bit scary when you have to make your film funny, but it's not half as scary as trying to make a "historical fiction/period piece".  

After brainstorming what in the world our movie would be about, Alex, the main writer got to the task of writing a script.  We shot on location at a bar in SF called The Transfer most of Saturday morning and into the late afternoon.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent logging tapes, editing, reshooting some footage, running the movie to a musician who scored the film, and then a down-to-the-wire adding of credits, transferring the movie to dv tapes to submit and speeding through the streets of San Francisco.

Were the nights with only a few hours of sleep and the stress of the last few hours of the project worth it?  Of course they were.

See the fruits of our labor for yourself by attending the screening this Wednesday at The Roxie in San Francisco at either 7 or 9:30! Get your tickets here.

And for those of you who missed Lordy Lordy's 48 Hour Film Project debut in 2006, you can see the film we made then by going to 48.tv and searching for "The Cure" (the San Francisco movie).  That year's info was:

Character: Mark or Margo Plantagenet
Prop: pillow
Line of Dialogue: "When are you going to clean up this mess?"
Genre: mockumentary

We won "best prop" that year and once you watch our movie, you won't have to ask why.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Windy City Road Trip

I'm back from Chicago and the whirlwind trip my friend Allison won to go see the Giants play the Cubs at Wrigley Field!

Friday July 11 - Cubs 3, Giants 1
The morning started with a City Segway Tour of Chicago (that's the same company I'll be working for here in SF).  

After seeing the sights we headed to the Red Line to take us to Wrigley.  Our favorite quote of the trip came from a woman standing at the platform. When she heard the announcement that the next train would be an express to Fullerton, she clapped and shouted "Haaay, that's my stop!" I've never seen anyone that excited about MUNI.
The Giants lost yet we braved a visit to the Cubby Bear, where we commiserated with other Giants fans and listened to a rather annoying victory song "Go, Cubs, Go".  

Not ones to wallow in sorrow or waste any time, we finished up the evening with a Second City show, pizza and dancing!

Saturday, July 12 - Cubs 8, Giants 7
Off to a slow start, we made it back to Wrigley for game #2.  The Cub fans next to us were entertaining, but by the bottom of the 8th with the Giants behind 7-2, we decided to leave and go get some deep dish pizza.

While riding the bus away from Wrigley, the bus driver asked two guys who boarded if the game was over.  "No, it's tied 7 all in the bottom of the 9th."  WHAT??  Yeah, the Giants scored 5 runs in the 9th inning.  Five!  After riding further away and kicking ourselves for leaving, we jumped off the bus, got in a cab and drove back to Wrigley.  But once you leave, they don't let you back in so...
we rolled into Goose Island Brew Pub to watch the rest of the game on TV. Sadly, the Cubs scored in the 11th inning.  Not only did we lose, but they had to play that song.

On to Millennium Park, the bean, the Crown Fountain, some bizarre acrobatic show of sorts and a late dinner.

Sunday, July 13 - Giants 4, Cubs 2
For the first time of the weekend, we were there for the entire game and the Giants won!  No irritating song and no overwhelming crowds at the Cubby Bear!  We were able to eat a Chicago dog (which has tomatoes on it - what the hell?) and then dance up a storm with a guy from South City - viva la south side!

Gino's deep dish for dinner and then bowling with Jennifer Hudson!  Well, you know she was there with some people, we were there and frankly, I wouldn't have seen her at all if Allison didn't say "That was Jennifer Hudson" as we passed her outside. But you know what.  Jennifer Hudson was  holding a pair of 10 Pin bowling socks and I have a pair now too - so I was practically bowling with her.

It was an exhausting but fabulous trip.

Coming next... recap of the 48 Hour Film Project that I'll be participating in this weekend!