Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dream, The Trailer

Hey All,

As most of you know, not only am I trying to make documentary films... I'm in one. In fact, many of you have been asking... "what's up with the documentary and when can I see it?" Well, scroll to the end of this message where I'm happy to share a short promotional trailer that's been put together!  It features everyone who is in the documentary and gives you an idea of all our stories.

I'm happy with the sections on me, though I'm begging the director to cut out the section where I say a dream looks like a cloud that you suddenly realize is a puppy. What?!? I must have been smoking rainbow flavored crack through a hollowed out unicorn horn when I said that. Honestly. When I think of what a dream looks like now, I see myself driving down a freeway... I know I'm going in the right direction but I'm not sure which lane will get me there the quickest or what exit I should take. Admittedly, not as cute to look at as puppies.

Seeing how the filmmakers have put together footage that I shot in South Africa gets me motivated to make more progress editing all the stories I have and finding a venue for them. Lately, though I've been a bit distracted from that task. Why, you ask?

Well, because I've been reading up on San Francisco history in preparation for my new part-time job as a tour guide!  And not just any tour guide, mind you, this tour will be conducted on Segway scooters!  People who live here are already suffering the consequences of my research and my need to pass on random tidbits - Lillie Coit dressed in men's clothes so she could play poker with the boys, Ghirardelli came to San Francisco in 1849 looking for gold but ended up getting back into the chocolate business when that didn't work out for him, Shanghai Kelly had 3 trapdoors in his bar to speed up the transfer of drunken sailors back to outbound ships. I love it!

So - if you're in town, or planning on coming to town, look me up and get ready for your riding tour of San Francisco.

Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer below and stay tuned for further information on when you can find this movie in a theater near you!

Thanks for sticking with me!
Miss K

DREAM - The Trailer

Monday, April 14, 2008

Que Sera, Sera

Hey All,

Well... the monkey man and I didn't win the film contest but by jove - we were in it!  

The film got a good reception and the entire event was a fun time.  There were some great films that made it into the finals and I am thrilled that I was among them.  One of my favorites was the winner in both the comedy category and the overall winner for the night and you can view it here:  The Job

What next for me?  Essentially to keep on truckin'.  

I've got much more footage from Africa to edit and get online (much more I tell you).  Two new videos on the Boomu Women's Group in Uganda and the flip flop recycling company in Kenya can be found here:  Miss K on YouTube

Meanwhile, I'm getting back in the swing of improv - and will let you know if I become part of a regular gig as that is the goal - AND I just took a job as a tour guide.  Not any tour guide, mind you.  I will be leading Segway tours in San Francisco!  No, I haven't ever ridden a Segway before and yes, they will give us some training.

The job should start around mid-May which gives me time to brush up on my history of all things San Francisco - but mostly things you can see from Fisherman's Wharf, Aquatic Park and Crissy Field.

So - keep checking in on the blog or on YouTube to see more videos from Africa and when you're ready to roll along the streets of San Francisco, give me a shout!

Miss K

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tonight's the Night We Make History!

(Styx flashback anyone?)

Hey All,

Tonight is the night of the Alice Film Festival where my film on The Mazingira Monkey Project is one of the 5 finalists in the drama/documentary category!

The event is sold out and on the verge of being a fire hazard because of the number of people attending.  The documentary film crew that will be there to film me (as the final bits of the Dream documentary) has to hang out in the lobby... it's that crowded.

I must say, today as I have been running errands, driving with the top down delivering film festival tickets and contemplating what to wear tonight I realized that, while this hasn't earned me any money yet, it sure beats workin' for "the man".

Regardless of the outcome tonight, this is a great opportunity for me to get more visibility for me, the monkey project and (hopefully through increased YouTube hits) for all the people I'm profiling.  I'm thrilled to be a part of it!  It very well may be "the best of times".

Please keep your fingers crossed and tune in soon for the results!

Miss K

PS - Because I know it's stuck in your head now and you want to hear it:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mazingira Monkey Makes it to Film Festival!!

Hey All,

Exciting news!  The short documentary I did on the Mazingira Monkey Project has made the final cut for the Alice 3-minute Independent Film Festival!

The festival is next Friday, April 11th at Bimbo's 365 Club.  All the details can be found at the link above and tickets can be purchased at

Come cheer on the monkey man (and the filmmaker) as we make our debut on the big screen!

Miss K

P.S. Coming soon - the link to the Boomu Women's Group video, which I just posted today.