Monday, April 14, 2008

Que Sera, Sera

Hey All,

Well... the monkey man and I didn't win the film contest but by jove - we were in it!  

The film got a good reception and the entire event was a fun time.  There were some great films that made it into the finals and I am thrilled that I was among them.  One of my favorites was the winner in both the comedy category and the overall winner for the night and you can view it here:  The Job

What next for me?  Essentially to keep on truckin'.  

I've got much more footage from Africa to edit and get online (much more I tell you).  Two new videos on the Boomu Women's Group in Uganda and the flip flop recycling company in Kenya can be found here:  Miss K on YouTube

Meanwhile, I'm getting back in the swing of improv - and will let you know if I become part of a regular gig as that is the goal - AND I just took a job as a tour guide.  Not any tour guide, mind you.  I will be leading Segway tours in San Francisco!  No, I haven't ever ridden a Segway before and yes, they will give us some training.

The job should start around mid-May which gives me time to brush up on my history of all things San Francisco - but mostly things you can see from Fisherman's Wharf, Aquatic Park and Crissy Field.

So - keep checking in on the blog or on YouTube to see more videos from Africa and when you're ready to roll along the streets of San Francisco, give me a shout!

Miss K

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