Monday, September 7, 2009

Latest Video: Africa Takes Action!

I've been invited to speak to the Alameda Rotary Club on Tuesday, September 8th.

As part of my presentation tomorrow, I'll show two videos. The first documenting my Habitat trip to Madagascar:

The second, a new compilation titled "Africa Takes Action" highlights the work being done by a variety of small groups throughout Africa. Some of you will recognize the abbreviated stories of the Boomu Women's Group in Uganda, the flip flop group in Kenya and the Mazingira Monkey Man.

A new piece in the mix is the Bulugha Farm School in Cintsa, South Africa, which is supported in part by donations from visitors to Buccaneers Backpackers. The school has 193 students but only 3 classrooms and 3 toilets. Every week, the students present a concert and in return visitors are asked to provide a donation which supports a feeding scheme that enables the students to have two meals a day.

So check the videos out and wish me luck!