Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Improv Saturday, Segways Now

Hey All,

I'm happy to report, I'm the guest performer this Saturday with Secret Improv Society!  The show is at 10pm and should be a lot of fun, so if you're in the Bay Area I encourage you to swing into San Francisco and check us out!

I'm also happy to report that the Segway tours have started!  My first group was from Hershey, PA.  When I talked about Ghirardelli and handed out some chocolate, they reached into their pockets to give me some Hershey's chocolate.  At the end of the tour, the adult gave me a tip and the teenager (who learned this was the inaugural tour of our company) gave me a dollar suitable for framing.  Aw.

How do you experience the joys of riding around San Francisco on a Segway (and some Ghirardelli chocolate to boot)?  Contact Pam at the City Segway Tours office (415-409-0672) and tell her you're a friend of mine and want to book a tour with me! 

Tours  are 3 glorious hours and friends of Kristian receive a 10% discount on the tour price (making it $63 rather than $70).  I normally work during the week (10:00am and 2:00pm) but will give tours on weekend days upon request.  If you get a group between 5-7 people, we can book it as a private tour and go at whatever time suits your group.

So bring yourselves, bring your friends, or just send your out-of-town guests to get them out of your hair for an afternoon.  You'll be happy you did.

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