Saturday, February 19, 2011


We won, we won!!!

"Behind the Bush" screened with other Scary Cow films last Sunday and I'm happy to report the movie was well received, with people laughing in all the right places, AND we won multiple awards!

We were 2 of 6 movies in the first round (films that had no Scary Cow budget) that were selected by other Scary Cow members to win funding for a future movie. We also won the general audience award for our round - that's the overall popularity contest - and got an award from one of the judges!

What does this mean to you and me? Now I've got some money to use for a future film. Start sending your ideas in now!

(In other news... I'm having some issues migrating my domain name to a new server or some such thing I don't understand so I may be out of touch for a moment but fear not, I'm working on it.)

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Anonymous said...

Good going and welcome back! We missed you.