Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Day at the Uffizi

It was our first full day in Florence and we started it off with a trip to the Uffizi Gallery.

Ace bandage on and trekking pole/cane at my side, John and I spent the morning at the Uffizi dialing in the numbers for the audio guide and learning more about the art than we will ever remember.

At some point it becomes an overwhelming amount of busts, statues and Madonna and child paintings but that's interspersed with paintings you recognize like Federico da Montefeltro (check the photo below), Caravaggio's Medusa on a shield and Botticelli's Birth of Venus. 

Museums are meant for strolling and that's what we did. Fortunately there were plenty of benches for resting and elevators to take you from floor to floor. We left and promptly found a restaurant for some more resting, now with food and wine!

A stroll to the clinic led us to discover that you can no longer do walk-ins and have to call ahead but they are closed at the moment so will try to book an appointment later today. The good news is I have more mobility than yesterday and kneemageddon seems to be heading in a positive direction.

As for the photos below, I'll write what it is if I remember but I didn't take pictures of any of the descriptions and it's been 35 years since art history class so this is less for educational and more for enjoyment purposes. 

Piero della Francesca's portrait of Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza

Caravaggio's medusa

Me and Venus

Me when I see my cats again

"Ow, Hercules, stop it"

Botticelli's Spring

I'm also topless in the photo

Triumphing over evil as symbolized by standing on a dragon

The Duomo

Who wore it best?

A rare Michaelangelo painting

Staying alive! (But not really. This was one of Niobe's children killed by the goddess Leto after Niobe bragged about having more children than Leto. Not for long.)

Lunch! And yes, that is a giant blob of burrata on my salad

Too soon for gelato? Never.

Tribune room with Venus de'Medici and a ceiling full of shells.

It's not ALL Madonna and child.

Outside copy of David, get excited but not too excited.


sustainerNYC said...
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sustainerNYC said...

Love your solidarity stance with Joan d'Arc or, wait, are those the Sabine women? Nope, not all Madonna and Child by far!!