Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Peek in the Pitti Palace

We are getting in to our Italian groove. We started the morning with pastries from a place down the block, then stopped at the doctor to get an all clear on the knee and directions to a farmacia for a knee sleeve, pain reliever and ice pack. After that good news, some pictures at the Duomo, and stopping back at the apartment to put on my sleeve, we headed out to lunch and the Pitti Palace.

If people from Berkeley opened a cafe in Florence, Carduccio would be it. I had a salmon poke bowl (delicious) and admired all the organic food for sale. While we were eating, a man who was walking down the street with a bench put it down on the sidewalk and then began chatting to all the passersby. That's one way to pass the time.

On to the Pitti Palace, former Medici residence turned museum. The theme of the rooms in the royal apartments is... over the top. It's made me realize I am not maximizing the use of my wall and ceiling space to display art. None of us are.

After the art, we strolled out to the Boboli gardens to sit in the shade. It hit a high of 87 degrees today (much higher than I packed for) so after some time watching the people go by, we've come back to the house for our late afternoon rest and icing the knee before going out again. The loose plan as of now is to take the train to Siena tomorrow. Let's see what happens!

Pitti Palace

Neptune in the Piazza della Signora

Whose got your head?

The Duomo

Salmon poke, so healthy!

BYOB (bring your own bench)

76 trombones led the big parade...

Using all available space

If Dr. Suess worked in ivory

Boboli gardens. The Italians love a good obelisk.

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