Friday, July 1, 2005

Departure's Eve

Hey All, Can you believe it's 9:08pm in San Francisco the night before I leave and I'm almost packed? Frankly, neither can I.

The other thrilling news is that I have learned how to pronounce words that start with "ng"! This is a huge step in my crash Vietnamese lessons that started a few days ago. Thankfully, my coworker Huyen has spoken some phrases on my digital recorder. Either I will listen to them all the way over, mastering the pronunciation OR I will play it for people instead of speaking... only time will tell.

Tomorrow John is giving me a ride to the airport in the morning where I will meet Mary Kay. We basically spend all weekend flying and arrive late tomorrow night: San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> Osaka, Japan -> Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mary Kay started a foundation called HOPE Project and their first project is building, staffing and supplying a school for the blind in Ninh Binh. We'll be paying the school a visit and I'll be taking lots of video to create a travelogue/documentary. It will be my first! Let's hope I remember to turn the microphone on.

I'll check in when I can and upload pictures if I can figure out how. Thanks for getting started with me.

See you in Vietnam!
Miss K

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