Sunday, April 20, 2003

China Unmasked 2

Hi All,

We've been reading the news about the jump in cases. Mary Kay is waiting to get confirmation about what will happen to her vacation from school.

I'm on the move to Jinghong this morning. I've got to take a bus to Guangzhou, try to get someone from the bank to get my ATM card out of the machine. (In China the numbers 123 are at the bottom so it is a bad idea to only remember the pattern of your PIN - do learn from my bad).

Friday I hung out at the Clifford Estates buying food at the store and watching the chickens butchered while you wait counter. Fascinating like a traffic accident only.

That night someone in Mary Kay's building had a Seder and we went and learned all about Passover. I also learned that wasabi makes a poor substitute for horseradish and when combinded with some apple and cinnamon concoction, I feel the bitterness indeed.

Saturday we went to another town and bargained up a storm at a market. I got a pig, which I've learned says something all about good fortune on it's head. Hooray. We also saw lots of horses with monkeys on their backs. Since I am the year of the monkey and Mary Kay is the year of the horse, she had to get one and I will look for another. Apparently, monkey and horse people are supposed to be good friends!

Saturday night was comedy and improv on the roof of their building. Most excellent and well received.

Yesterday, we had an Easter brunch complete with chocolate eggs, pancakes and mimosas! Then we took the bus into Guangzhou to go to the fabric market. I'm getting a suit made which is a copy of one from the J. Crew catalog. There it cost a little over $300. The cost for me buying the fabric and having it made? $38. So excellent. I'm also getting other stuff made and will pick it up when I swing back through town. After that, I lost my ATM and here we are.

I plan on going to Jinghong, then Lijang and hopefully meeting up with Mary Kay in Guilin but we need to see what happens.

I am being safe, washing my hands and do have the face masks and I will continue to do so.

This will probably be the last email for a few days until I figure out what's what at the next stop.

Talk to y'all again soon.


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