Friday, October 1, 2021

Feel Good Friday - Random Acts

Usually, I try to tie my Feel Good Friday posts to current events or holidays but sometimes the connection is random. That thought is what led me to today’s organization, Random Acts. 

Random Acts is “conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time”. Founded in 2010 by actor Misha Collins, the first random act was raising over $30,000 for the UNICEF disaster relief program in response to an earthquake in Haiti.


From those beginnings, Random Acts has grown into an organization with offices in 18 countries and an all-volunteer staff of over 150 people. Together, they encourage and fund people of all ages to “perform their own acts of kindness wherever, and whenever, possible.” 


Big projects completed by Random Acts include the 2013 construction of an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti that houses 80 children and the 2015 construction of an unconventional high school in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Designed for people not able to attend a traditional school, like those over 18 or women with children, the high school is free and includes an onsite daycare center. A current project, Change a Life, is a partnership with a scavenger hunt organization that identifies individuals, families and communities where a substantial positive impact can be made.


Random Acts is now focusing on food equity, “the concept that all people have the right to equal access to or the ability to grow and consume healthful, affordable, and culturally significant foods.” They are funding initiatives such as urban farming operations, community gardens and food redistribution projects.


What has the impact been? Since their founding, Random Acts has raised over $5,300,000 for acts across the globe. You can read their kindness stories here or watch this 2-min video


Inspired to get involved? Why not start by performing an act of kindness? First time applicants can request up to $499 to fund their idea and you can find details and an application form here. You can also support Random Acts with a traditional donation and by amplifying their message on social media. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @RandomActsOrg and

Instagram @randomactsorg. #GetKind

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