Friday, November 8, 2019

Feel Good Friday - Military Mama Network

It's the Feel Good Friday before Veterans Day and I want to highlight an organization that is supporting veterans, the Military Mama Network.

Founded in 2013 by five people sending care packages to the troops in 2013, the Military Mama Network now has over 20,000 volunteers who support their mission of "sending love to our troops and their families at home and overseas."

As explained on their website, "we support our veterans and their families, whether by food donations or visits on behalf of far off family member, cards or a warm scarf for the winter." They also have a page for veterans which includes links to resources such as chiropractic care, guitar lessons to help cope with PTSD and support while transitioning from military to civilian life.

Work with currently deployed troops and their families includes sending care packages, cards and a tradition called Fallen Fridays where people are encouraged to tell the story of a loved one who has died in the past week and perform and act of service in their honor. You can read about all the Military Mama Network missions here.

If you'd like to support the work of the Military Mama Network you can make a donation, shop for merchandise or get involved by joining a local chapter or joining their Facebook group. Stay current by following them on Twitter @MiliraryMamaNet.

Happy Veterans Day!

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