Friday, February 7, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Surfing for Change

Ready to hang 10 this Feel Good Friday? Me too.

Meet, Kyle Theirmann, a 21 year old pro surfer who has created an organization called Surfing for Change. As he says on his Facebook page, "Surfing for Change is on a mission to shatter the myth that activists don't have any fun."

After learning that a coal powered plant on a beach in Chile was being funded by Bank of America, Kyle made a short video encouraging people to move their money from BofA into local banks so that money lent out would stay in local communities. He shared the video in his surfing community and they helped spread the word. 
350 million dollars worth of moved money later, Kyle makes a point to create a short film about a social or environmental issue on each of his surfing trips. He focuses on the power we have to create a better world through everyday actions that we take.

To learn more about Kyle and Surfing for Change, you can watch his 6 minute Tedx video to hear how he got started. His full catalog of videos can be found on his website and you can read an article Kyle wrote about the problem of trash in Bali for the Huffington Post (and watch a 13 minute doc) at this link.

As always, you can stay in the loop by liking his Facebook pageCowabunga, dude!

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