Friday, February 14, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Poemgrams

Happy Feel Good Valentine's Friday!

As you know by now, I like to use the Feel Good Friday posts to talk about the little guy. To share a story you may not have heard of before. Well today, I'm mixing it up and giving a shout out to PayPal. Here's why.

For the last eight days, I have been one of 12 poets taking part in a the Poemgrams project. People would send in email requests or chat with us live and we created personalized poems on demand, for free just in time for Valentine's Day.

The response was fantastic and it certainly kept me on my toes. I wrote 221 poems in 6 days - more poems than I have written in my entire life up to this point. Although mine were all of the rhyming Dr. Seuss variety, I still had two men tell me my poem brought a tear to their eye and one deployed solider say it was like I read his mind. Poetry is powerful, y'all.

Today, an improviser will be in San Francisco reading poems live for a select few. This will be filmed and, I'm sure, available online soon enough.

While I can't share the poems I wrote for any of the people, I will share a poem a man asked me to write about Diet Coke, his eternal happiness.

Diet Coke, I love you,
what more can I say?

I need to have you in me,
each and every day.

I'm going to tell you something,
even though it's sappy.

Diet Coke, you make me,
eternally happy.

If you'd like to read more about this project, follow the link to this Wired magazine article.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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