Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're Number One!

Wahoo, we're number one!! But who exactly is "we", you're wondering?

City Segway Tours of San Francisco, of course.

We've been listed as the #1 attraction in San Francisco on Trip Advisor! That's #1 out of 622, thank you very much. Take THAT Alcatraz!! (You too, Golden Gate Bridge.)

You can read the reviews, or if you'd rather just read what they're saying about yours truly... let me help you out:

"My husband and I took the City Segway Tour with Kristian (Miss K) the first morning we were in the city. Not only was she energetic, super fun and very knowledgeable about the city, but she also took amazing pictures!"

"Kristian, was extremely knowledgeable and fun to listen to as she told us stories about everything we were looking at."

"Kristian, our guide, was exceptional!"

"Kristian was a fun and informative tour guide who made us feel safe rolling around the roads of SF (and she knows how to take great pictures!)"

"Miss K, our tourguide, was great fun. She knew lots about the city, made sure everyone was having a good time and catered to all our needs. She also let us play about on the Segways in a safe area which was interesting to say the least!"

Oh, stop.

No, don't!! I do admit, I tell people if they had a good time on the tour and found us on Trip Advisor, they should take a moment to pay it forward. The fact that they also want to rave about their guide... well, it's enough to make a guide blush and then post a self-congratulatory blog about it!

So, if you've got people visiting you this summer or you're planning on a stay-cation this year... why not make a segway tour a part of it? You'll be glad you did!

Kristian's Tours: Thursdays 10am, 2pm and Fridays 10am, 2pm

Call the office (415-409-0672) and book a tour with me!

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