Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Socially Responsible Social Network

Say what?

If you've got time in your day to take quizzes to find out what city, 80's rock star or sea animal you are, you've got time to check out ivili.

Ivili is a new website where people can share their experiences of environmental technologies and sustainable solutions with one another. The aim is to bring these solutions to a wider audience so people can learn from one another and improve their own businesses and livelihoods.

The plan is for an evergrowing and easily searchable database of these video clips (like on youtube) profiling success stories from all over the world. To that end, I'm posting my videos from Africa and plan to get even more of them edited and posted.

I'm meeting with the founder, Jeremy Smith, next week and expect to have more information and inspiration for you then. In the meantime, please explore the site, start asking and answering people's questions, and join in creating the site along with Jeremy and all the other members!

BTW - You are Dallas, Simon LeBon and a manatee. Now that you know that time saving information, you can spend the next 10 minutes on ivili!

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