Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's Off! Roz Savage Starts the 2nd Leg of Her Solo Pacific Row!

Many of you already know about Roz Savage and her quest to become the first women to row solo across the Pacific Ocean with the mission of inspiring people to live happier, more fulfilling more sustainable lives.

She completed the first leg in the fall of 2008, rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii.  On Sunday, she left Hawaii - next stop Tuvalu!   You can follow her adventures on her blog, see where she is using the Savage Tracker and support her efforts with a monetary donation.

She is an awesome inspiration, yet still very down to earth.  Check her out and follow her adventures.  I am.

For your viewing pleasure: Official Roz Savage Video AND (a must see)

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Conway Kayak Company said...

Roz is a true inspiration not only to women but to men around the world. The goal to set across the ocean in a small boat and a set of oars is just amazing. I hope that she can bring awareness to the amount of trash floating in the ocean and also bring awareness to the climate change.