Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update for My Three Fans

Hey All,

I do believe the number of people reading this blog has dwindled from it's peak last summer during my African adventure.  I think many people don't know I'm still posting and, admittedly, I'm not posting that often.

But for the 3 (maybe 4) of you out there who are wondering, what's up with Miss K... here goes:

On to new Scary Cow film projects.  Well, at least the one that had a meeting.  Pre-production work (location scouting, prop collection, script revisions) is underway with filming scheduled for August.  You can now see the award winning film from the last round, Echo's Wonder by clicking on the link.  It will be the first movie that pops up on the page.

The improv show the other week was a lot of fun and I will perform with the Secret Improv Society again sometime in early August.  Details to follow when I have them.

The Segway job should really, really start next week.  I'm eager to actually take people on a tour.  We'll see how much of the fabulous information I have in my head I can convey while making sure no one falls off in front of the streetcar.

I'll be going to Chicago in mid-July with my friend Allison who is sharing the bounty of a trip she won to see the Giants play the Cubs at Wrigley Field.  It should be a fun time and, even though I'm not so up on the Giant's this year, I figure I'll be okay as long as I don't make any shocked comments about not seeing Barry Bonds.  

The only other thing happening is me turning 40.  Say what?  That's what I say.  A little celebratory barbeque at the Cube and a night at Beach Blanket Babylon should make it all okay.

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Anonymous said...

we are still with you Miss K