Monday, June 2, 2008

Award Winning Film at Scary Cow!!

At what?

Scary Cow.

It's an indie film co-op that I joined to learn about making movies and meet my people. I'm happy to report, I've done both!

Even more exciting... the first project I participated in, a film called Echo's Wonder was a winner at a screening of all recently made films yesterday!! My role (other than a riveting performance sitting on BART reading a newspaper) was location sound. Yes, I was the person wearing the headphones and holding the boom microphone. There's even production photos to prove it.

It was a great experience, good team and very educational to see how you make a short film when you've got more than 10 hours and more people than just yourself.

That's the news for now... stay tuned for info on an upcoming improv show I'll be in with Secret Improv Society. Well, I guess if you just clicked the link, you know everything you need to know. So, stay tuned for some inside scoop, which I will dig up between now and the next post.

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