Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Habitat Madagascar


There is no good way for me to sum up the last two weeks... especially on a slow connection typing on a French keyboard, but I will try.

My husband Crystal and I, or so many people thought, finished up our tour of South Africa with q visit to kruger national park. Saw lions and rhino and impalas, oh my. Then it was off to Mada to meet the team and the families.

The team was a good mix of people and the families we worked with were amazing. they let us lay brick, paint their walls - with grass brushes - and point their houses even though many of us had limited skill. I was pointing - cutting an even line between the bricks with a machete - let`s just say my lines are not so even.

The most fun for me at the worksite were the kids. tons of them hanging around all the time. I learned a song in Malagasy to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb and we sang it all the time. One of the best things I learned how to say was "hey boys". I use it now that we,re back in the big town too.

At the house dedication at the end, speeches were made, photos were taken and tears were shed. An 82 year old woman read a letter she had written for us thanking us for coming to her village - she was so sincere and it was the most wonderful thing AND I got it on video! The team has been great about me taping, as have the villagers. Some of it has worked, some has been messed up, so it is my hope that once I am able to see it all and put it together, it will show people how much fun and how wonderful these trips can be.

No matter how different people's lives, cultures and circumstances are... everyone loves to laugh. On my birthday, Crystal made me a crown out of a basket, tp, water bottle lables, string, candy and a balloon. Una arranged with one of the homeowners for me to get a ride home in a zebu cart decorated with balloons! Sadly, the zebu - they are like cattle - were freaked out by the balloons and the screaming, singing kids, who had never seen a zebu cart in balloons before. I went around a field in a circle a few times waving like a queen. It was unforgettable.

I will try to add some photos to this entry if I can find a faster connection. The smiles on the faces of the kids and the homeowners and the team do a much better job of describing this experience than I can. All that and lemurs too?

I would encourage you all to give Habitat Madagascar a try.

So, check this one again for more photos and I'll catch up with you post safari!!

Miss K


Anonymous said...

The pics look great. What a fab trip. Can't wait to see the videos.

amestolas said...

Love the photos of the children. Thanks for sharing. I'm very much enjoying reading your blog. Sending hugs and well wishes. ~ Allison

Anonymous said...

Great to read about & see photos of your adventures. Thinking of you often. Stay strong, homie....
Love, Elsie

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss K,

The photo of you in the cart with the balloons is so priceless that VISA would decline you ; )

Missing you in Alameda but loving that you are out there in the world!
XX, Laura G.

p.s. Where do you sleep? What new foods are you eating? Do you have a translator?

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss K! Hard to imagine from my cubicle that someone I know is traveling somewhere far away, where there are some serious animals and critters I'm sure I've never seen before. And I'm thinking how daring and awesome you are. You are indeed the PURPLE GODDESS BENEATH YOUR DRESS! Prayers and admiration, love Ramon

Anonymous said...

Hey.....I know someone you know in Nairobi! Is that Anne N.(can't remember her last name)in the photo with you? Did you get to meet Rosemary Wambui too? Such lovely people.
I will be waiting, impatiently, to read about your Gorilla Trekking!
Travel On!