Friday, July 31, 2020

Feel Good Friday - CERF+ The Artists' Safety Net

Another Feel Good Friday, another organization helping people during the pandemic. Today let's learn about CERF+.

CERF+ is a safety net for artists founded in 1985. As they explain in their own words, "we help artists get ready for emergencies and back on their feet after disasters." Originally known as the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, CERF+ was created to expand on the grassroots mutual aid efforts of artists within the craft community.

Right now, CERF+ is offering one-time COVID-19 relief grants to help artists meet urgent food, housing and health needs. Learn more and apply here.

Other programs go beyond emergency relief. There are career resources with information on business practices, marketing, financial management, legal issues and self care. Artists can take advantage of research and workshops to assist them in sustaining their careers. There are also tips on emergency preparedness, and of course, access to grants and other sources of emergency relief.

The artists being helped by CERF+ include ceramicists, woodworkers, glass artists, violin bow makers, and jewelers! If you're curious to learn more you can read their individual stories here. In the 30+ years CERF+ has been around, they've provided $1.2 million in grants to 640 artists, $1 million in loans to 537 artists, and $500,000 of in-kind donations to 375 artists.

You can help CERF+ support artists with a donation of your own and help spread word of their work by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter @CERFplus. Be sure to share this information with your artist friends!

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