Friday, June 12, 2020

Feel Good Friday - Unicorn Riot

Today's Feel Good Friday highlights Unicorn Riot, another organization I learned about in the Black Vision Collective's resource page.

Founded in 2015, Unicorn Riot is "a volunteer-operated decentralized media collective comprised of multimedia artists and journalists" operating in Boston, Denver, Minneapolis and New York City.

Unicorn Riot's mission, as explained on their Facebook page, is "to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold, as we further understanding of dynamic social struggles."

In pursuit of this mission they "are committed to producing media that exposes root causes of social conflict and explores sustainable alternatives in today's globalized world." To get an idea of what that entails, watch this short video that follows reporters on the ground.

Unicorn Riot's reporting focuses on the following areas: arts and culture, borders, community, Covid-19, eco, labor, LGBTQ+, police, prison, racism, social control, and tech. Visit their website or video archives, to search by topic and find stories that interest you. Examples of recent reporting include nurses in Minnesota striking over lack of protective equipment, council members vowing to disband the Minneapolis police department and Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories - a cabaret event where marginalized artists share their talents and perform in front of a live audience.

I normally end these posts with information on how to donate to the profiled organization, however, Unicorn Riot set a fundraising goal of $5,000 on May 27th and by June 10th they had raised over $560,000! While you are still more than welcome to donate, you can also help Unicorn Riot maintain free, independent media by amplifying the stories they tell. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @UR_Ninja.

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Erin said...

Wow, I love their coverage! Their reporting is unique and makes you feel like you're there.