Friday, April 10, 2020

Feel Good Friday - National Domestic Workers Alliance

Thank you for letting me take a tiger-related COVID-19 time out last Feel Good Friday. I'm now back and ready to focus on organizations that are helping people most affected by the pandemic. Today, let's talk about the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

As explained on their website, "the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the nation's leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of domestic workers in the United States." The organization was founded in 2007 and "works for respect, recognition, and inclusion in labor protections for domestic workers, the majority of who are immigrants and women of color."

Every day, over 2.5 million nannies, house cleaners and care workers provide support in our homes, yet they are rarely covered by federal labor laws mandating minimum wage, overtime pay and protection from sexual harassment. NDWA is working to change this by organizing and innovating at the state and local level.

There are 60 affiliate organizations and local chapters in 30 cities that domestic workers from all 50 states may join. Members get discounts on vision, hearing and prescriptions, connection with other workers, opportunities to get involved in the domestic worker movement and access to training to help in their work, as well as leadership development courses.

Membership with NDWA also provides you with many resources ranging from those related to coronavirusimmigrant rights and workers rights broken down by state. There's also a section on skill building whether that's dealing with toddlers or elders in your care.

The campaigns supported by NDWA are working. In 2015, members won a federal rule change that granted 2 million home care workers across the country the right to minimum wage and overtime pay. In 2019, NDWA introduced the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to ensure rights and dignity for all domestic workers around the country.

Other initiatives focus on stoping human trafficking of domestic workers, creating improvements in elder care, and supporting immigration rights that keep families together.

If you're getting all your needs met during this crisis and are able to help others you can make a big impact by donating what you can to the Coronavirus Care Fund. This money is providing emergency assistance to domestic workers that enables them to stay home and stay healthy.

If you're also struggling during this time, you can still show your support by liking the NDWA Facebook page and following them on Twitter @domesticworkers.

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