Friday, April 17, 2020

Feel Good Friday - Action Against Hunger

Another Friday in the middle of a pandemic but there is always something to feel good about. Today that's the work being done by Action Against Hunger.

The COVID-19 crisis and resulting unemployment has highlighted the need for food assistance in the US, but we're not the only country where people are suffering from food insecurity. Worldwide, over 800 million people go to bed hungry each night and 5,000 children die each day from hunger-related causes. Here's what Action Against Hunger is doing about it.

Founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger is "a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger." As explained on their Facebook page,  "we save the lives of malnourished children. We ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and effective healthcare. We enable entire communities to be free from hunger."

In 2018, Action Against Hunger served more than 21 million people in 47 countries. They employ nearly 8,000 people, 95% of whom are working in their own communities.

Programs include: screening and treating children for undernutrition; improving the access of vulnerable communities to food, income and markets; strengthening infrastructure to provide clean water, safe sanitation and good hygiene; and providing emergency response to populations affected by natural disasters and armed conflict.

Action Against Hunger is also responding to COVID-19 by restricting travel for their employees, having field teams take precautions to prevent spreading the virus and promoting access to safe water and healthy hygiene. Last year, their Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs reached 8.9 million people.

The best way for you to support the work of Action Against Hunger is with a donation. 93% of your contribution goes directly to people in need. You can also make a donation directly to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. I realize there are many people and organizations in need right now so if you're financially tapped out, show some social media love by liking the Action Against Hunger Facebook page and following them on Twitter @acfusa.

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