Friday, April 7, 2017

Feel Good Friday - North Oakland Restorative Justice Council

Last Feel Good Friday I wrote about a Canadian group since I was in Canada. Today I'm back in the Bay Area so I'm going to highlight the work of a Bay Area group, the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council!

The best description of their work comes from their Facebook page. "The North Oakland Restorative Justice Council supports loved ones that have been impacted by violence in the North Oakland area. We support restorative justice for the victims and perpetrators. In addition, we are on-demand for crisis situations when needed to be an alternative to incarceration."

What exactly is restorative justice? According to Wikipedia it is "an approach to justice that focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, as well as the involved community." For the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, that means working with member organizations to engage youth in the community, working with neighborhood watch groups and communities affected by displacement and racial profiling to build partnerships and violence prevention campaigns, hosting monthly "Peace 'n Justice Walks" and more. As their slogan says, they are "Putting the neighbor back into hood".

As an example, one of their member organizations is Phat Beets Produce, a group focused on creating a more equitable food system in North Oakland, providing access to fresh produce and facilitating youth leadership. You can watch this video about their Food Justice Food Truck to see how they are impacting the community.

If you like what you read (and live in the Bay Area) you can join the next Peace 'n Justice Community Walk on April 14th. The walks take place the 2nd Friday of every month.

Everyone, no matter where you are, can support the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council with a donation and by liking their Facebook page.

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