Friday, July 11, 2014

Feel Good Friday - It's Not About Us

Today's Feel Good Friday is quick, simple and fabulous.

It's Not About Us is an organization in New Zealand focused on "finding, developing and implementing solutions that target the root causes of poverty, suffering and need."

As explained on their website, they "research, design, develop and implement solution focused systems and process's that target underlying causes rather than consequences". They also raise funds and work "to develop turn-key systems that allow other people/groups to undertake their own autonomous missions/projects that fit with (their) vision."

The products they've developed include a hydrobine which can bring water from a low pressure source to a water tank that can supply a village, and a fire pipe which cooks with less smoke, less wood and more heat.

Currently, they're raising money to bring a hydrobine to Vanuatu. You can watch this video to see the installation of the first hydrobine in 2013. If you like what you see, you can support this campaign via their Facebook page.

See? That was quick, simple and fabulous!

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