Friday, January 3, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Kristian Ruggieri, Adventure Philanthropist

Laying bricks in
Wait a minute. Who starts the new year making themselves the subject of the Feel Good Friday post? Looks like I do!

Here's why.

On December 13th, the subject of FGF was Adventure Philanthropist, Erin Michelson. (You can read the original blog here.) The summary is that she traveled the world for two years donating her money, skills and time. She dubbed it adventure philanthropy and upon her return home, wrote a book to share the stories of the people she met and inspire others.

Painting walls in
I met Erin at a book signing in San Francisco in November. When I told her a little about my Inspiration Safari films, she asked to interview me as a fellowAdventure Philanthropist!

The films I've made and my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity are what make me an Adventure Philanthropist.

The great thing about this is - if you've ever combined an adventure like traveling with a donation of your money or your time, you're an Adventure Philanthropist too! Now don't you feel good?

You can read my interview with Erin here:

Posing for a photo with
Omar in Chile
If you've got a story of your own to share, Erin wants to hear from you. You can reach her at Like her Facebook page while you're at it so you never miss out on a good dose of inspiration!

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