Friday, March 22, 2013

Feel Good Friday - Playworks

Today we go to Oakland, CA for recess! What a fun way to spend a Friday.
Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that transforms schools by providing play and physical activity at recess and throughout the school day. 
Sounds fun, but does playing at recess really make a difference? Yes! 85 percent of principals report that students are more engaged in school since having Playworks on site. Teachers surveyed at the end of the school year report an increased use of conflict resolution strategies by the students both during recess and in classroom. Teachers also noted a decrease in bullying during recess and students who were more focused when they returned to the classroom.
Playworks was founded in 1996 by Jill Vialet after sitting with a principal in an Oakland elementary school who was complaining about conflicts and drama that happened during recess.  It is the only nonprofit organization in the country providing trained, full-time play coaches focused on recess to hundreds of low-income schools in major urban areas. They also provide training and technical assistance to schools, districts and youth organizations that wish to include inclusive, healthy play as part of a positive learning environment. 
You know I love to leave you with some videos to watch. Your option are a quick intro or a TedxSF talk given by Jill Vialet.
If you want to get more involved you can donate, volunteer, like them on Facebook for updates or go check out their list of games.
It's almost the weekend - I hope this blog inspires you to go out and PLAY!! 

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Beth K said...

Thanks for the feature, Miss K! Hope you have a playful week. :)