Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Virtual Segway Tour with Miss K

Have you always wanted to take my segway tour in San Francisco but still haven't made it yet?

Well now you have a way. A very lovely German couple who came on the tour last week had a camera attached to their segway that took a photo every 10 seconds. They had it running for the entire tour, resulting in a 21 minute video.

Yes, it makes my hand gestures look more spastic than normal. Yes, I am wearing the men's XL raincoat which I refer to as my "big yellow dress". Yes, it is silent and there are some moments when the segway is parked looking at nothing special, but you know what? This is as good as it's going to get unless you get out here and take a tour. [hint]

Enjoy - just don't have an epileptic seizure on my account: 3 Hour Tour, 10 Seconds at a Time

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Miss K said...

Can't get the link to work? Yeah, me either. I swear it worked before. Sorry to be such a tease.