Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charging Along

Oh... I say I'm going to try and update this blog on a weekly basis and before I know it a month has gone by.

How does it happen? Well, some of my time is spent working my tour guide job to earn some cash and more of my time is spent on improv and movie making which nourishes my soul but, sadly does not give me any grocery money.

I haven't spent much time figuring out where else to submit the Bushman movie because I've been working with other people on their films. Producing a science fiction short which we filmed down in San Jose, pre-production stages on a comedy to be filmed in July and starring in a commercial which will screen at the next Scary Cow film festival.

Although it's not put together the idea is this... you see me driving around in this kick ass 1968 Dodge Charger rocking out to some Joan Jett inspired music. Then you cut to me (years in the future) stepping out of a new Toyota something or other (no I didn't pay attention) and walking into this fancy house. The idea being the new car makes me feel as fabulous as the old car.

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in the Charger was fun but a bit nerve wracking, what with the bad brakes and my inability to get it into 4th gear most of the time. But hey - I didn't ruin the car and I had truckers honking at me and giving me thumbs up. Perhaps it's time to find a new ride.

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