Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ready for My Closeup (Almost)

Hey All,

It's been awhile since you've heard from me. I've been adjusting to the swing of life back in San Francisco and getting through the holiday season. Now it's a fresh new year and the heat is on!

I've been editing the video footage of a few of the stories from my travels. In order to make sure I actually do more than sit in front of the computer reliving my trip and feeling sentimental - I've scheduled a screening for the 14th of January!!

I just sent out an invitation to 73 people. The only issues are that I'm not done editing and I don't have a place to have the screening. The footage at this point, while still a work-in-progress is pretty good and will be in even better shape by the 14th. The location... well that's a bigger problem but I'm casting the net of phone calls I'm making wider in faith that I will find something big enough in time.

This is especially important as the documentary film crew will be in town and is coming to the screening. Aaaah! The things I do to get myself motivated.

So - if you're reading this blog and you didn't get an invite. Well, let me know who you are and I can add you to the list so I can tell you where it is as soon as I know.

Will post the video clips here as they are finalized for the whole wide world to see.

I know... I can hardly wait either!
Miss K

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SO,,,what happened.