Friday, February 9, 2024

Feel Good Friday - The Valentine Project

Valentine’s Day is next week and if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday, consider The Valentine Project.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Danville, Kentucky, the goal of The Valentine project is “for all children whose lives are affected by cancer or a chronic illness to feel special and loved each Valentine’s Day, and to cultivate compassion year-round through offering volunteer opportunities that bring out the love and kindness in us all.”

Founders, and siblings, Gregory and Michaela Margida started The Valentine Project because they knew families dealing with cancer or chronic illness can often feel isolated and stigmatized. They wanted to “spread love, hope, and joy by sending packages brimming with loads of love and smiles, zero stigma attached.”

Children up to 21 years old are eligible to participate in the program and can register to receive a personalized package on Valentine’s Day. Siblings are also included in the outreach! Currently, packages are being sent to eligible children in Kentucky, Ohio and California.

In addition to the packages, The Valentine Project runs a program called Kindness Cards. Created by volunteers like you, Kindness Cards are meant to serve as a break from health concerns and their main purpose is to add an unexpected burst of love when least expected. It starts with you making or buying some cards, writing a fun message or joke, and sending them to The Valentine Project. They’ll take care of personalizing, addressing and mailing the cards to kids throughout the United States. Unlike the packages, Kindness Cards are sent out all year long. If you know a child who would like to receive a Kindness Card, you can sign them up here

Since they began, The Valentine Project has worked with over 9,000 volunteers to send 7,187 Valentine’s packages and 721 Kindness Cards. That’s a lot to love!

If you’re ready to become someone’s Valentine this year, you can use the Valentine Matching System to find a child to support. You can also make some Kindness Cards, visit The Valentine Project’s Amazon Wish List to buy supplies for their packages or make a donation.

As always, help get the word out about The Valentine Project on social media. Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram @the_valentine_project. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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