Friday, January 19, 2024

Feel Good Friday - Global Penguin Society

Did you know that tomorrow is National Penguin Day? What a perfect time to learn all about the Global Penguin Society!

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Argentina, the Global Penguin Society (GPS) is “the first and only international organization dedicated exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 18 penguin species and their habitats.”

According to penguin biologists, ten of the planet's eighteen penguin species have experienced serious population declines and it’s predicted that “over 90% of emperor penguin colonies will be quasi-extinct by the end of the century.” That’s why GPS is “dedicated to the conservation of the world's penguin species, the coasts and the oceans they inhabit.” Their work focuses on three areas: science, education and management. 

GPS conducts scientific research on penguins in Patagonia, Argentina, Chile and south of New Zealand in order to guide conservation actions. This includes projects such as monitoring penguin populations, tracking them at sea and assessing threats like oil drilling, pollution and the illegal trade of penguins. 

In order to reach their educational goal of fostering a “conservation culture”, GPS has many ways they teach people about penguins and the importance of healthy oceans. They’ve published and distributed 10,000 free books across five Spanish speaking countries and they’ve organized field trips for 7,500 children who live near penguin colonies. 

Working with government, community officials and landowners around the world, GPS creates effective conservation policies that benefit both penguins and their local ecosystems and nearby communities. To date they’ve helped protect 32,000,000 acres of marine and coastal areas which has benefitted 2,400,000 penguins!

If you’re ready to get involved with the Global Penguin Society, you can start by increasing your knowledge. Whether you want to be able to distinguish between the King and Emperor penguins or find out the breeding biology of the Norther Rockhopper, this link is full of facts and photos. Level up by making a donation to GPS and amplifying their message on social media. Like the GPS Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @globalpenguinsociety. 

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