Friday, September 22, 2023

Feel Good Friday - Latino Public Broadcasting

We’re continuing our celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month with a visit to Hollywood and the nonprofit organization, Latino Public Broadcasting.

Founded in 1998 by actors
Edward James Olmos and Marlene Dermer, and located in Los Angeles, California, Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) is “the leader of the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural media that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans.” 

As of 2022, LPB has delivered 275 hours of programming to public broadcasting stations throughout the United States and has won over 125 awards. This programming includes the documentary series VOCES, shown on PBS, which features the best of Latino arts, culture and history, and shines a light on current issues that impact Latino Americans.

LPB also fosters emerging Latino filmmakers who create the content. Filmmakers are provided with resources such as recommended reading, PBS program guidelines, and sample proposals. In addition, they can apply for funding! LPB has given out 15.7 million dollars to help amplify the diversity of voices represented within the public media system. 

Sixteen newly-funded projects have just been announced for 2023. Story topics include: the New York Latin jazz scene, a young Afro-Latina community activist running for the presidency in Colombia, and the first undocumented attorney to argue a case before the Supreme Court. If you can’t wait for the new projects to be completed, you can watch several other documentaries on the website now. 

When you’ve finished exploring, take a moment to help Latino Public Broadcasting in their mission to provide a voice to the diverse Latino community on public media. Support them with a donation and spread the word on social media. Subscribe to their YouTube channel, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @latinopublicbroadcasting.

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