Friday, January 27, 2023

Feel Good Friday - Moms Demand Action

The four mass shootings in California this week made it an easy decision to focus today’s Feel Good Friday post on an organization working to end gun violence, Moms Demand Action.

In 2012, the day after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Shannon Watts started a Facebook group with the message that all Americans can and should do more to reduce gun violence. So began Moms Demand Action. 

In their own words, “Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. We pass stronger gun laws and work to close the loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families. We also work in our own communities and with business leaders to encourage a culture of responsible gun ownership. We know that gun violence is preventable, and we’re committed to doing what it takes to keep families safe.”

There are Moms Demand chapters in all 50 states where volunteers connect to take actionable steps to prevent gun violence. Examples of current campaigns include updating background checks, a system which has blocked more than 3.5 million illegal gun sales in the past 20 years, disarming domestic abusers, and helping to elect gun sense candidates.

The impact made by Moms Demand volunteers is impressive. This page of victories is listed in reverse chronological order with almost daily entries. Recent wins include Governors in Michigan, California and New Jersey signing stronger gun safety bills into law. You can scroll through the list for details and also watch this 3-minute video to see Moms in action.

While you’re on the website, take a moment to read stories from volunteers and survivors, check for events in your area or explore resources to get educated on the issues. For example, you may not be surprised to learn that states with strong gun laws see less violence, but now you can check the gun law rankings to find out how your state compares.

If you’re ready to turn your frustration and anger over senseless gun violence into action there are many ways to get involved. Text READY to 644-33 to volunteer with a Moms Demand Action chapter in your area, send a message to your U.S. Representative to work to end gun violence,  shop for merch, make a donation and amplify their message on social medial. Follow Moms Demand Action on their Facebook page, on Twitter @MomsDemand and on Instagram @momsdemand.

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