Friday, August 12, 2022

Feel Good Friday - Cool Effect

Recent heatwaves, flooding and fires are a reminder of the toll climate change is taking on the planet. It’s also a great reminder that there are organizations like Cool Effect who are addressing the problem.

Cool Effect began in 1998 as a project to build clean-burning cookstoves in Honduras. Since then, it has grown into a globally recognized non-profit platform whose mission is “to reduce carbon emissions”. 

First, why carbon? Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are warming the planet to an unsustainable level and temperatures will keep rising if we don’t intervene. See this page to find out where the carbon emissions are coming from and what you can do to help. You may not be surprised to see driving cars, flying planes, and eating red meat on the list but have you considered the impact of fashion, food waste and FedEx?

Now that you’re onboard with reducing your carbon emissions, let’s find out how. Cool Effect evaluates carbon projects around the world to ensure they are scientifically and ethically sound as well as financially durable. The projects and pricing are then listed on the website so you can decide which projects you want to support in order to offset your own carbon emissions.

Some examples of current projects include burning methane gas from a landfill in Mauritius to generate electricity; planting trees in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and India to remove carbon the natural way; and installing more clean-burning cookstoves in Honduras. You can find the full list of projects, details and video testimonials here.

The vision of Cool Effect is that their vetting and support of these carbon projects will “give people the power and confidence to band together and reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change.” 

If you’re ready to join the Cool Effect band, there are many ways to do so. Offset your carbon emissions with support of a specific project, make a general donation, and spread the word on social media. Follow Cool Effect on Facebook at this link, on Twitter @cool_effect and on Instagram @cooleffect_  #CoolEffect #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #CarbonDoneCorrectly 

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