Friday, January 21, 2022

Feel Good Friday - Volunteer Match

Are you still in the “new year, new me” spirit but don’t know where to direct all your energy? Then it’s time to spend your Feel Good Friday learning more about Volunteer Match

Founded in 1998, Volunteer Match is, “the web’s largest volunteer engagement network”. Their mission is making it easy for good people and good causes to connect. 


As a frequent volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International, I can attest to the satisfaction, joy and friendships a volunteer experience can bring. I’m not the only one who feels this way, as you’ll see in this 2-minute video, “Introduction to Volunteer Match: 3 Good People, 3 Good Causes, 3 Perfect Matches”.


If you’re a good person looking to get matched with a good cause, the place to do that, of course, is the website. There you’ll find open volunteer positions from over 130,000 participating nonprofits. These listings are viewed by more than 15 million people each year and an average of 72 connections are made every hour. Since Volunteer Match began, there have been 16,916,689 connections made!


Participating nonprofits not only get volunteers to help their organizations, but they’re also provided with resources such as volunteer engagement tips, industry insight, and management best practices. You can see the list of upcoming free webinars at this link.


In addition, Volunteer Match has tech solutions and other resources to help 150 corporate network partners, campuses and government agencies with their volunteer engagement. You can read some of those success stories here.


The best way for you to get involved is to volunteer! You can pick your opportunity by topic (animals, environment, education, etc.), sort by city or do some virtual volunteering.


Since Volunteer Match is also a nonprofit, you can choose support them directly with a donation and by spreading the word on social medial. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @VolunteerMatch and Instagram @volunteermatch.


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