Friday, January 22, 2021

Feel Good Friday - Tree-Plenish

Time for another edition of Feel Good Friday with a focus on two favorite topics - youth and the environment. Our featured organization today is Tree-Plenish.


Founded in 2019 by two high school students in Massachusetts, Tree-Plenish is “building sustainable communities by leveraging the power of youth.” They do this by working with students’ clubs and organizations to plan tree-planting events that offset schools' paper usage.


As explained in this short video, there are three steps to the process for students to follow:

1.     Plan your event. Find out how much paper your school used in the last academic year and calculate how many trees you need to plant. The estimate used is one tree for every 10,000 sheets of paper.

2.     Market your event. Reach out to residents in your community to request a tree to be planted or to become volunteers.

3.     Host your event. Gather with volunteers to plant trees for residents in your community.


Tree-Plenish mentors will guide and support students through the process while staying focused on their core values: building a sustainable future by replenishing resources, channeling the power of youth to create meaningful change, and leveraging the strength of local communities to take action.


In their first year of Tree-Plenish, students from two high schools in Massachusetts planted 400 trees. This year 90 schools from 20 states across the country are on track to plant 15,000 trees.


You can use this link to find an event near you and request a tree. For those of you living in Oakland, two local students have set the goal of planting 141 trees. Trees cost $10 each and you have until February 20th to decide between apple or apricot. The tree-planting event takes place on March 20th. Read more about it in this Oaklandside article.

If you like what you read and want to support the work of Tree-Plenish you can find an event to participate in, donate some cash to the cause, or amplify their message by buying a shirt and liking their Facebook page.

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