Friday, March 13, 2020

Feel Good Friday - Kindness for Cats, Inc.

Happy Feel Good Friday the 13th! On this superstitious day, let's talk about black cats and the people who are helping them find forever homes, Kindness for Cats, Inc (KFCI).

You may not know this, but black cats have the lowest adoption and highest euthanasia rates among felines. That's why Kindness for Cats, Inc. works with Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida to foster cats in their program.

Founded in 2008 by Cindy Patton, KFCI's mission is "to provide temporary nurturing homes for homeless kittens and cats and to find them loving forever homes." They also educate the public about the abandon pet overpopulation, the high rate of euthanasia at local animal shelters and promote spaying and neutering.

KFCI places cats and kittens from OCAS with foster parents to spare them from euthanasia while they wait to be adopted. Those most likely to need extra time and attention are cats that are too young to be adopted, have special needs or are sick or injured. A typical foster placement is for one month and OCAS provides assistance with food, bedding, crates and bowls.

If you live in Orlando and are in the market for a kitty, the KFCI website is a great place to look. This link lists cats and kittens currently available for adoption. Once you bring a cat into your home, their website has tons of resources on topics such as introducing a new cat to your home, whether or not to declaw your cat and what to do about feral cats in the neighborhood.

But what about all those black cats you ask? KFCI promotes their adoption with fun links like Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat. While reasons 9 and 10 might be a stretch ("black goes with everything" and "you can always find your black cat in the snow") the number one reason is why KFCI focuses on black cats, they are "least likely to get adopted".

Depending on where you live, there are many ways you can support this work. Floridians can foster or adopt cats from KFCI. All of us can make a traditional donation, automatically donate a portion of our online shopping purchases, and share the social media love by liking the KFCI Facebook page and subscribing to their YouTube channel. Cat videos anyone?

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