Friday, January 3, 2020

Feel Good Friday - Nazra for Feminist Studies

Happy New Year! On this Feel Good Friday, my friends and I are three women traveling through Egypt. What a wonderful day to talk about the work being done by the Egyptian organization, Nazra for Feminist Studies.

Founded in Cairo in 2007, Nazra for Feminist Studies "aims to build an Egyptian feminist movement."

Why does it matter? Women in Egypt are being punished for their activism. Nazra's founder Mozn Hassan has been prevented from leaving Egypt since June and a request to overturn the travel ban has been postponed by the courts four times. There are also activists who participated in the country's 2011 revolution who are still in custody.

Nazra advances the cause of women's rights in several ways. Documenting research and analysis of the issues to educate people and advocating for policy and legal reform. Encouraging and supporting women's political participation. Combating sexual violence and providing survivors with legal, psychological and medical assistance. Creating networking opportunities for young feminists and supporting the role of the arts in addressing feminism and gender rights.

Examples of specific programs include fighting to get advocates for street children released from prison, supporting survivors sexually assaulted by a TV presenter, and hosting a conference for women's rights defenders.

Stay in the loop with all of Nazra's work by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter @NazraEgypt.

Next stop, California!

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