Friday, July 19, 2019

Feel Good Friday - Sea Inspiration

Having spent a few days on the beaches of Hawaii this week, I wanted to find a Feel Good Friday organization that focused their efforts on the ocean and I did, Sea Inspiration.

Founded in 2009 by Ray Hollowell and located in Honolulu, the mission of Sea Inspiration "is to bring healing to people and the sea by sharing positive, healing and inspiring ocean experiences." They do this through three programs: My Beach Report (MBR), Healing Adventures and Inspiring Videos.

My Beach Report "is an educational sea adventure show hosted by students, for students, to help them SEE the SEA - and inspire them to get active." Young people learn about the marine environment and how they can have a positive impact on sea life.

There are Healing Adventures designed for military veterans and young people with disabilities or terminal illnesses. Both programs focus on getting people in the water to experience surfing, paddling, snorkeling and swimming with marine life.

Inspiring Videos are just what they sound like! The team at Sea Inspiration wants you to experience the beauty of the ocean in hopes you'll be inspired to educate others and protect the seas. You can watch a short introductory video here and catch the rest on their video page.

Does all of this make a difference? Of course it does. You can go to the success stories section of the website to read testimonials from wounded veterans and the story of a girl with leukemia who got her wish to meet Kama, the surfing pig. That one even has a video.

Want to support the work of Sea Inspiration? Click this link to see your donation options and follow them on social media by liking their Facebook page.

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