Friday, September 7, 2018

Feel Good Friday - Blue Endeavors

It's been awhile since we've talked about ocean conservation on Feel Good Friday so today we're going to profile Blue Endeavors.

The mission statement from the website explains their purpose: "Blue Endeavors is a nonprofit organization that utilizes traditional and scientific scuba diving education, community outreach, and partnerships with national and international environmental conservation organizations to foster and embolden a social movement of citizen scientists and activists in pursuit of saving our oceans."

Founded in 2012 in Alameda, California, Blue Endeavors has a full calendar of classes including free diving, open water certification and specialty scuba classes such as night diving, rescue diver and research diver.

Through training that includes both skill instruction and classes in marine biology, ocean conservation and research, they endeavor (pun totally intended) to:
  • cultivate a passion with youth for ocean conservation and discovery
  • spark an interest in marine biology, physics, physiology and engineering
  • support published marine biology research while teens participate in programs that facilitate the attainment of advanced degrees in science
  • protect and preserve sharks, endangered animals and the marine ecosystems they inhabit
Blue Endeavors also partners with organizations such as Doer Marine, Mission Blue and Conservation International to collect data and conduct research both under and above the water.

If this sounds like fun, and you live in the Bay Area, you can become a member and enroll in classes. No matter where you are, you can support Blue Endeavors by making a donation, buying a swim suit made from recycled, abandoned fishing nets or taking a more traditional path by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter @BlueEndeavorsCA.

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