Friday, March 23, 2018

Feel Good Friday - PolitiFact

In September of 2015, a presidential debate inspired me to profile Current events and cries of fake news made me want to find other groups fact checking journalism. Today's Feel Good Friday brings you PolitiFact.

As explained on their website, "Fact-checking journalism is the heart of PolitiFact. Our core principles are independence, transparency, fairness, thorough reporting and clear writing. The reason we publish is to give citizens the information they need to govern themselves in a democracy." Amen.

The organization began in 2007 as an election year project of the Tampa Bay Times. You may be familiar with their Truth-O-Meter, which they use to rate political statements on a six-point scale ranging from True to Pants On Fire. A quick visit to their homepage shows you the most recently fact checked statements.

They focus on significant statements with verifiable facts that seem misleading or sound wrong. You can email to suggest a fact check of your own. The journalists that do the fact checking "avoid the public expression of political opinion" and all stories include links to sources.

With national and global editions as well as meters to track the presidential promises of both Trump and Obama, PolitiFact is a one-stop-shop for all the times you read something online and think, "really?".

If you want to support PolitiFact, you can join their Truth Squad and keep up with them on social media by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter @PolitiFact.

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