Friday, February 19, 2016

Feel Good Friday - Sustainia

Ready to get some bang for your buck? Me too, so today's Feel Good Friday is more than just two for one, it's hundreds for one!

Sustainia is a think tank and consultancy founded in 2012 by Scandinavia's largest independent think thank, Monday Morning. They are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. "That's nice", you say, "but what are they thinking about?" As they explain on their website, "We identify readily available sustainability solutions across the world and demonstrate their potential impacts and benefits in our work with cities, companies and communities."

They believe that seeing some inspiring examples of how to live sustainably is more motivating than watching a polar bear trapped on a melting piece of ice floating in the arctic. I must say, focusing on the positive is the Inspiration Safari way!

As part of their efforts to spread the good word, they publish a series of guides to sustainable solutions for cities, transportation, energy systems, fashion, food, health and education. Each year they create a guide to the Sustainia 100 and a committee led by Arnold Schwarzenegger declares an award winner for the year! (I am as surprised by this as you are.)

The winner for 2105, chosen by the committee ,was the Chennai Street Design Project, a group designed to address safety concerns and air pollution in the city of Chennai. The Community Award winner for 2015, chosen by the Sustainia online community, was the Plastic Bank, an organization featured on Feel Good Friday, March 20, 2015!

If you want more than a weekly dose of inspiration, you can check out their solutions page, submit an idea for the 2016 Sustainia 100 or just keep in the loop by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter @Sustainia. Thanks for being awesome, Denmark!

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